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  1. Are competition law instruments sufficient to handle new developments in digital media? Competition regulators are increasingly calling for new approaches to the regulation of digital markets for media, data and communication. Large players such as Facebook and Google have found themselves in the focus of attempts to develop new regulatory instruments, as authorities seek to curb what they see as a potential threat to competition through the widespread success of such platforms. What further developments can market participants expect? May 13th, 2016.
  2. Regulating digital platforms in Europe. The idea of regulating digital platforms has gained popularity in France, and in Europe. The French National Digital Council (CNN) issued a report recommending legislation targeting digital platforms. The report cites the need for measures to regulate market power held by platforms vis-à-vis content and service providers, and to guarantee transparency towards end-users. December, 2015.
  3. FAIR PLAY IN THE DIGITAL ARENA. Digital platforms and their business models are conquering industry after industry, region after region, market after market. Digital platforms bundle and broker virtually all interactions in the Internet economy and connected society. They are powerful drivers of innovation, productivity and growth, with numerous market players and entire economies benefiting from the value they add. Today, six of the ten most valuable companies in the world – and four of the five strongest brands – are digital platforms. Key performance indicators such as growth in revenue and market capitalization show that they have long since overtaken the big industrial groups.

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