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  1. Complex Antitrust Harm in Platform Markets. Innovation yields massive welfare benefits—but it can also pave the way for novel types of anticompetitive harm. Under certain conditions, digital platforms can harness the power of reputation to steer users to favored suppliers.  This steering fore closes non-favored suppliers in a related, though distinct, relevant market.  Where favored suppliers are able to split the resulting rents with the platform, the strategy is rational.  The resulting foreclosure reduces efficiency and consumer welfare. 2017.
  2. Android Antitrust Cases in the EU and Russia: Updates & Overview. State of Digital readers in the know are already familiar with a number of events relating to antitrust cases against Google for its practices on Android. Since 2013, this topic has drawn our public attention as search advertisers, as mobile app developers, as handset manufacturers, and most importantly, as users. September 26th, 2016.
  3. No Mistake About It: The Important Role of Antitrust in the Era of Big Data. Few years ago, a McKinsey Quarterly article asked, “Are you ready for the era of ‘big data’?” April, 2015.
  4. Big Mistakes Regarding Big Data. The ability to store and analyze enormous quantities of data—so-called big data—offers tremendous benefits to both individuals and businesses. Big data analysis has helped increase economic output, reduce crime, improve public health and safety, increase voter turnout, boost energy efficiency, improve weather forecasts, and enhance agricultural yields. December, 2014.
  5. Android and Competition Law: Exploring and Assessing Google’s Practices in Mobile. Since its launch in 2007, Android has become the dominant mobile device operating system worldwide. 2009
  6. Competition policy in network industries: Network industries are a large part of the world economy. A key network industry is telecommunications, providing voice and data services, including the Internet and World Wide Web.

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